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seen 'em all a million times.

and already downloaded each one individually... still, w/e. they're all funny nonetheless

Gotta say...

Odds are you won't read this, but w/e...

First of all, your art style was pretty sweet. well done, loved it.
Your voicing could've used a little bit of work, but w/e, it could've been a lot worse.

I personally think anyone who acted like Greg_anims or even yourself was completely overreacting, however- the former for being a pompous A-hole, and the latter for insulting a perfectly awesome site >:\ . Comedy tip for ya, pal- calling someone "Emo" and telling them to go cry over something they're obviously upset about on LiveJournal is funny. Insulting the site quite a lot of animators here also reside in is just jumping on the bandwagon of the idiot who insulted you in the first place, and makes you sound like a whiny bitch.

-2 points for ruining a good flash with whiny-ass auth comments.


the art quality wasn't too great, the animation was ok if a little stiff... just keep trying and working on it, you'll be pro soon enough

oh, and I'd personally say it's "Mild" to "Moderate" violence...

A few pointers

The flash isn't bad, but if you don't want to throw people off don't include anything about "go easy on me, this is my (1, 2, 3, etc) flash", because 0bombers assume its an easy target...
oh, and w00t 100 views? it takes 200 votes just to be judged. don't get your hopes too high...

oh... my... god!

that was fucking AWESOME!!!

I'm sorry, but...

If you had done actual artwork, it would be fine. The paper cutouts, however... Well, they're ugly. No other way to put it.

All around awesome.

Yup, I'm definitely screwed if I enter...

Great art, great animation, funny writing... This is really good! Probably one of the best I've seen on NG for quite a while...

Oh, and I AM NOT AN ICE CREAM CONE. You know why. lol



Well, there goes my submission. I'll just save it 'til next year, then, and work a lot more on it until then... I'm not even going to bother to submit it with entries like this contending :\

Nonetheless, WOW. This is a pretty damn amazing work of Flash...

I finally got off my ass and watched.

And man, that shit is FUNNY. And probably one of the weirdest thing I've ever seen come out of you, which is sayin' somethin... lol...


Helluva comeback! Brilliant! I want to have your children now for some strange reason, despite my physical incapability due to <Insert Cock Joke Here>!

Crazy Shit, man. Crazy Shit. Contact me for... anything- I do music, animation, art, you name it- I probably do it (so long as I have a legit excuse- my services are free, but teh bossLady won't let me work on them other wise lol) Have fun. C u in hell.

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