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Actually, not bad!

Really good, actually, I like it! I'm actually fairly decent at AS2, but when AS3 came out I was... pretty damn lost, to be honest. This is a good tutorial, a bit rough around the edges, but it gets the message across and teaches well.

GAAAAAAH!!!! *creams*


Yeh've outdone yourself, mate! Keep up the amazing work! I've been stoked ever since I found out about this when I beat Shift2... the first time I ever played it lol

you've outdone yourself this time, mate


can't wait to crack the source on this one XD
I've almost finished replicating your first one, you sneaky bastard lol

The-EXP responds:

Ohhh, break the first one and you'l be doing well, but its nowhere near as complex as this mother :D

The new Portal, but for Flash

Great game! I like the concept, and the gameplay is fun. I have no complaints whatsoever, but I do have a few suggestions/comments, if you want: The animation seems a tad slow, there are various hitTest glitches ( I managed to jam myself through a few walls accidentally =P) and the jumping feels slightly... off...

But definetely, either expand on this or make a sequel! Also, I have a few conept pitches for you as well, if you like...

really good

your best so far. want some new gruesome ideas for #4?> I'm full of 'em.

nonetheless, keep up the great work!

Totally fresh idea.

Another masterpeice! Keep it up.

i like it

its cool, but the portal placement is really picky....

Over-Kill responds:

Indeed, has to be with such small space.


This game is GENIUS!!!!!!!! We need to make a second one, neh? More blood, more fucked up misquotes.... this is such a BRILLIANT game, you need to make more so you can mess with more of the little god-loving/fearing faggots trying to spread their stupid-ass religion all over the place =D

Kinda glad I didn't review it sooner...

Great job with the game, honestly, love it! But the very first release was probably the best in my opinion. Hank is just... Idk, he seems like he would be the perfect character for the game, but... He doesn't actually seem to fit...
In my opinion, the real Hank is the original little Madness character with a bandage on his head, not the new one in full outfit... It's kinda deserted the original actual style, you know?
But anyways, Hank at least needs to have his original weapons (or ones that look like them)! The ones used look like Imported PNG's that don't really give the feel of Madness, plus they're too big and detailed... Give him ones that were made in MSPAINT and are only Gray and Draky Gray, or make vectors of the same.

Still, amazing game! fun fun!

love it!

amazingly done! and crazy fun too =)

Crazy Shit, man. Crazy Shit. Contact me for... anything- I do music, animation, art, you name it- I probably do it (so long as I have a legit excuse- my services are free, but teh bossLady won't let me work on them other wise lol) Have fun. C u in hell.

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