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hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha- shit.

2008-01-09 21:49:54 by 226NeXuS

Wotta funneh word! Don't you agree?

Well, ladies and gents, guess what- I'm psychotic. Yay!

Talk to me. I'm lonely (/cry) lol


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2008-01-09 21:51:59

NOOOOO Don't be lonely mate! I'm heeeere for youu!!!
Also, I am a higher level than you so I am therefore better at life.
Also, cock is funnier than shit, and monotonous is just plain awesome. JUST LOOK AT ALL THOSE Os!!!!!!!!!

226NeXuS responds:

HAHAHAHAHAHA you fucking rock


2008-01-09 21:54:04

Vndgly is mean and makes me cry! :(

226NeXuS responds:

He makes me cry too, but I cheered up when I hugged my WCC =)


2008-01-11 15:23:31

u death sd?

226NeXuS responds:

OMFG If you're gonna ask questions like that, then go and shove...

JK. Ya. But don't go bandying it about all over, eh?