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Crazy Shit, man. Crazy Shit. Contact me for... anything- I do music, animation, art, you name it- I probably do it (so long as I have a legit excuse- my services are free, but teh bossLady won't let me work on them other wise lol) Have fun. C u in hell.

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Why do you care? It does not involve you.

(Actually, It does...)
That's why I want to know.

The only thing these retards have to do with their unemployment checks and their pirate copies of flash is make really shitty movies. But apparently, there's only room for one shitty "movie" crew at the bottom of the shit ladder, and they're fighting for it.

LOL that's funny. I don't get unemployment checks, and my copy of flash is legal- and yet, hmm... I'm SG co-admin... our flashes aren't that shitty, actually, I made sure to stomp all of that out ASAP. The old root admin wanted spam, so he left when I stomped him down for doing it. Honestly, though- he was the shittiest animator of all of us, but that was because he was a 14-year old who OBVIOUSLY had never touched flash before in his life.

You're right, it is kinda stupid.

In the beginning, LampShades, the (former) leader of the Shades Gang pushed for anti-KK flashes. So a few KK members got him to trust them on his forums and took them down twice. Although it was a blow to the group, it's kinda funny looking back at his gullibility and such.

But lately, since Lamp basically left, and we're on our own, and I basically assumed leadership, there's been nothing at all going on. Hell, a few SG members are in the KK (but don't expect no f'ing SG spam son). No biggie.

Also, JohnnySedona is confused and or clueless. We're not a spam group. Also-also, everyone pirates flash. Except spoiled ass rich kids and dumbasses who can't work a torrent client. And companies. I assume he's not a company. Also x3, I spend my unemployment check on drugs sir, thank you very much.

-NovaShades, [SG] Admin

ho deathshades. sup?

Meh, I'm ok, u? I'm working on setting up my new site.

[quote]Why do you care? It does not involve you.[/quote]
your talking to deathSHADES dumbass

SHH! our secret!

YO YO YO!!!! I'm gonna step on some people!

On a related note: I agree, E-wars are totally lame

Wow, you sound semi-intelligent! So... go away!